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IM ToolPack Features

Quick Screen Captures

IM ToolPack lets you capture snapshots of full or partial screens with a single click. You don’t need any additional picture processing program. There’s no need to save and edit the image before sending it to your friends. IM ToolPack lets you do it all online instantly.

Drag & Drop Pictures

IM ToolPack enables you to send photos and images as well. You can either drag & drop the picture into the IM ToolPack toolbar and send it right away or you can open it in IM ToolPack to edit it.

Easy Image Editing

With IM ToolPack you can easily edit a screenshot, image or photo – just crop, draw or add texts to show exactly what you want to communicate.

Instant Messengers Integration

IM ToolPack works with AIM®, MSN® Messenger, Yahoo!® Messenger, ICQ®, Google Talk™ and Windows® Live Messenger 2009.

Send by Email

With IM ToolPack you can insert links to view your photos, images & screenshots in email messages from webmail services such as Gmail™, Hotmail®, Yahoo!®, Inbox.com™, Crawler™ mail and others.

Post on Social Networks, Blogs & Forums

IM ToolPack makes it easy to share your photos, images & screenshots on social networks, blogs and forums such as Twitter®, Facebook®, MySpace™, LinkedIn®, Blogger™ and others.

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