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Using IM ToolPack

How do I insert a screenshot into my instant message?

IM ToolPack lets you quickly insert a screenshot into your instant message. It's easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Click the Camera button.

    Camera button

  2. Drag your mouse to crop a part of the screenshot that you want to send.

    Crop screenshot

    You can also send the whole screen as a screenshot. To do so, click the Camera button dropdown menu and select the "Whole user's screen" option.

    Whole Screen

  3. Now you can edit the screenshot the way you want and then send it by clicking the “Send” button.

    Send button

  4. Your screenshot will be uploaded to the server and a link to it will be automatically pasted into the currently active instant messenger window and sent to your friend.

    Sending Image

How do I edit a screenshot?

After you create a screenshot, open the image from the clipboard, your disk drive, scanner or webcam. You can edit the image as follows before sending it:

...highlight some text...

Highlight button

...draw on it...

Draw a shape

...type text into it...

Type into image

...erase part of the image...


...and then send it to anyone by instant messenger, webmail, or post it on a blog, forum or website, save it to your computer, or copy it into a clipboard and then paste it into a document.