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Using IM ToolPack

How do I draw on a screenshot?

To draw on a screenshot, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Camera button.

    Camera button

  2. Drag your mouse to crop a part of the screenshot that you want to send.

    Crop screenshot

  3. You can also take a screenshot of the whole screen:

    Screenshot of whole screen

  4. ...or upload an image from your computer:

    Image from file

  5. ...or paste an image from the clipboard:

    Screenshot from clipboard

    ...or acquire an image from scanner or a webcam:


  6. To draw, you can either use shapes:

    Draw Shape

    Or draw with a pencil or highlighter. Just click the "Pen Tool" menu and select the tool, color and width. Then click outside the menu window to confirm your selection and then begin to draw.

    Pencil Tool